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Hi, I'm Laurie.

I'm a holistic coach, facilitator, and guide who offers deep listening in service to your innate wisdom and unique voice. I love providing space where people can discover more of themselves. I listen to people so they can remember who they really are. People who work with me embody their wholeness and authentic self-expression and frequently tell me they feel seen and heard. I offer coaching and facilitation that allow people’s authentic, beautiful, and sacred selves to emerge so that they can take their next best steps forward in their relationships, their work, and their lives.

I believe we are all artists and creators who benefit from listening to the Artist within. As a Facilitator of the Heart, I work with the healing arts and creative arts to support my clients on their healing journey, explore their unique artistry, and attune to the beauty and insight within + around, so they can create the unburdened and creative lives, careers, and partnerships they desire. 


You have such a reassuring, calming way of being. It feels so safe in your presence. Your demeanor is so opening and inviting, that one is much more open to the new ways you offer.

Workshop Participant

'Profound and so well cared for' is the way I describe my experience with Laurie. Her care included everything from pre & post-follow-up calls, the intention and energy she brought, her endless kindness, delicious food, check-ins, and clarifications, and she was generous and heartfelt. Her ability to create both expansiveness and safety was masterful. Laurie helped me create the intention and interpret the experience once completed. Medicine Journeys are an act of faith, both in the medicine and the guide. Laurie is so well deserving of that trust. 

W.O. Psychedelic Journey Participant

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