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Amazing facilitator with grace and heart.

Laurie is like a rare, multifaceted gemstone, with precious gifts and talents to share. She is a natural leader – her warmth, wisdom, humility, integrity and presence draws you in and makes you want to stay. She is a highly-skilled facilitator with excellent communication skills. If you have a chance to work with Laurie in any capacity, don’t pass it by!

Zoom Workshop Participant

Leah Green - Founder & Executive Director of The Compassionate Listening Project

Laurie created a safe, engaging, and lighthearted tone allowing everyone to fully participate without any judgement. It can be really difficult to be vulnerable when surrounded with strangers, but I found myself and others opening up and sharing what was true in the moment. By practicing compassion - for myself and others - all day, I was able to fully grasp the different concepts Laurie went through. It was the perfect blend of theory and experiential participation.

We had the opportunity to learn and practice effective skills for managing conflicts with others.  In doing so, we learned more about how and why we respond to others as we do- both positively and negatively.  We learned to listen more closely, and understand and empathize with persons from different backgrounds and cultures.  I found these skills to be valuable in my community, at home and in the workplace.

Jean Blomo - Owner of Genuine Strength, Health & Fitness Coaching, Workshop Participant

Pat Gorman - LCDR, USN (ret) Lieutenant Commander, Workshop Participant

Laurie is a warm, creative, and thoughtful coach with an infectious laugh. Working with her was a pleasure and I loved our shared love of poetry. In working with Laurie I realized the power of heart-centered breathing and now use that tool on a daily bases to ground and center myself for well being and self-connection. In Laurie's presence, I feel supported, cherished, embraced, and heard. Working with her was joyful, engaging, and fun.

A.D., Personal Coaching Client

Laurie’s Compassionate Listening program on Oregon’s Rogue River was one of the spiritual highlights of my life. I can think of no better place to cultivate compassion for ourselves, each other, and our wounded world than in pristine wilderness, and there’s no better guide and navigator than Laurie. This four day program immersed me in two of my greatest passions - practicing the art of Compassionate Listening and paddling through some of the loveliest landscapes I’ve ever encountered. Laurie was born to do this work. She is a gifted teacher and guide!

Joel Berman, Wilderness Workshop Participant

Your heart is palpable even over the internet. You share great wisdom with deep humility. I am in awe.

Zoom Workshop Participant

Thank you for your vulnerability and your kindness, Laurie. Seeing the comfort of your smiling face each session was instantly healing, and I am so grateful to have been able to see you speaking from the heart as a template for how to be present and loving in difficult conversations.

Compassionate Listening Workshop Participant

My coaching sessions with Laurie were time well spent. I always looked forward to them, and I always left feeling more connected to myself, my work, and my values. Her ability to listen, ask good questions, and reflect back gave me some profound insights that are still adding value to my life today, years after our coaching sessions. Hell yeah!

J.D., Personal Coaching Client

Laurie did a terrific job with this class. I have taken many workshops and feel that her skills in leadership were at the top of all I have experienced. She listened well, made sure everyone was heard and acknowledged, monitored time well, and kept our discussions balanced, relaxed, and never rushed. Fun, sensitive, knowledgeable, interesting, and delightful. THANK YOU.

Wilderness Awareness School Workshop Participant

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