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Laurie the Writer

Embracing the need to express through the written word.

I’ve been longing to write for a long time. I have many unorganized google drive folders filled with snippets of writings over the years. Sometimes I wear a collared shirt, roll back my sleeves, and put on a nice watch hoping that I’ll channel my inner Ernest Hemingway. (It helps. I believe in the power of structural reality). I’d also love to spend a summer at a lake cabin writing away. #lifegoals

The Writer is a powerful archetype that lives in all of us. How we choose to channel that one is up to us. Mine is kinda snarky and thinks she knows a lot. (She is constantly humbled by this). She has the desire to write about current events and the happenings of the systems and structures we live within. She has the desire to write epic novels that give Elizabeth Gilbert a run for her money. She also has the desire to write comic strips on the absurdity and hilarity that sometimes emerges in my marriage. She wants to write a lot.

I’m launching my substack to finally honor this part of me. To give myself a creative outlet for the written word, and to have fun. If my doing so provides some value to you along the way, awesome.

On this platform, I’m hoping to build a community of folks who appreciate questions. Who appreciate both/and. Who appreciate the depth of listening and feeling required for the world that we currently find ourselves in, and the world that I believe we all actually want.

I will be posting as much or as little as I care to. No promises on anything. This is about my relationship with a part of myself who has been neglected for too long. There is no focus. There are no topics. It’s simply an outlet for “Laurie the Writer.”

Let’s see what happens.

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